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OCT Application Highlights

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OCT Angiography

Art Conservation

Biofilm Imaging

Biofilm OCT


Biomedical OCT

Biomedical OCT



Developmental Biology

Developmental Biology OCT




Industrial OCT


Cochlear Vibrometry



OCT Angiography

Application Summary

OCT Angiography is used to visualize high-resolution volumetric microvasculature of living organs. The technique uses backscattered light from blood cells to highlight blood vessels from the surrounding tissue; no dyes are needed. Further advantages are the noninvasive visualization of capillary perfusion in vivo. For more information, please view the Angiography App Highlight.


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Application Summary

OCT is a non-destructive imaging technique that acquires 3D sub surface information. Within the field of art conservation OCT has a unique significance for that reason as sublayers would remain invisible without the cross-sectional information. OCT assists to assess the state of various forms of art e.g. for paintings, understand past conservation attempts, and plan further restoration efforts. For more information, please view the Art Conservation App Highlight.


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Biofilm OCT

Application Summary

Biofilms form in water systems and are typically an unwanted contamination. There is an increasing interest in understanding the formation and the removal of such biofilms from water systems. For monitoring the morphology of biofilms, OCT has gained much interest in recent years. Here, OCT serves as a complementary imaging method to established methods such as confocal and widefield microscopy and opens up the possibility to monitor the morphology of biofilms on large scales as well as their dynamics in real time. For more information, please view the Biofilm Application Notes or Biofilm App Highlight.


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Biomedical OCT

Application Summary

Due to the versatility of OCT, many researchers and professionals in biological and medical fields employ it in order to image a wide range of tissue types in a non-destructive and contactless way. While the technology is still in the field of theoretical or experimental research in some areas, its capabilities have already been proven in others.

Biomedical OCT areas of interest include:

  • Cochlea
  • Organ Tissue
  • Skin
  • Nervous System
  • Microvasculature


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Application Summary

The ease of use and non-invasive nature of OCT has led to various applications in dentistry, including but not limited to:

  • The diagnosis, restoration, and monitoring of various lesions and defects;
  • The assessment of restorations and restoration imperfections;
  • The assessment of restorations and restoration imperfections; and
  • The examination of gingiva.

For more information, please view the Dentistry App Highlight.


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Developmental Biology OCT

Application Summary

Animal models are studied to understand biological phenomena and transfer the findings to human biology and medicine. The ease of use and non-invasive nature of OCT has made it an indispensable tool that allows researchers to image animal models in-vivo and over the course of the animals’ lives into adulthood. For more information, please view our Developmental Biology App Highlight.


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Application Summary

Optical coherence elastography quantifies the elasticity of biological tissue by using Doppler optical coherence tomography (OCT) to measure the local tissue displacement as a function of the applied stress. For more information, please view the Elastography App Highlight.


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Application Summary

OCT has already proven to be an excellent tool in the industrial field to assess several sample or product characteristics in a fully non-destructive and contactless way. The range of applications spans from film thickness measurements to defect or particle detection and evaluation or control of geometric parameters. OCT can be applied in all stages of the production life cycle, including early R&D, prototyping, and final product evaluation and single-unit quality control. Industrial applications for OCT include but are not limited to:

  • Displays
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Contact Lens Metrology
  • Packaging
  • Industrial Paints and Varnish
  • Thin Films
  • 3D Printing
  • Composite Materials
  • Aerospace
  • Welding and Keyhole Mapping
  • Meat Quality Control

For more information, please view our OCT Displays App Highlight.



Application Summary

OCT is a powerful technique used to understand the mechanics of hearing, as it is used to locate specific structures within the cochlea via 2D imaging and to provide vibrational data (amplitude and phase shift) at these specific locations. With this information, medical researchers can better analyze disfunction and anomalies of the hearing organ and improve upon treatment methods in the future. For more information, please view the Vibrometry App Highlight.


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