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Optical Tables

Thorlabs' optical tables provide a thermally stable, rigid base for assembling high-precision systems and performing vibration-sensitive experiments. Our Nexus® optical tables are the ultimate solution to dampen tabletop vibrations; all tables are tested individually for compliance and dampen a broad range of frequencies on the work surface.

All optical tables are flat to within ±0.1 mm. The all-steel construction minimizes thermal drift that is commonly experienced from mismatched coefficients of thermal expansion. The optical tables' interior consists of an uninterrupted honeycomb core that provides the stiffness needed to resist surface bowing from applied loads.

Thorlabs offers many optical table sizes with thicknesses of 210 mm, 310 mm, or 460 mm; thicker optical tables will be stiffer. They're offered with sealed mounting holes for managing spills, non-magnetic steel, or through ports for managing cables. Optical table accessories are also available, including shelves, support legs, and earthquake restraints. Optical tables can also be custom ordered or bundled with our optical table legs.