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Thorlabs offers a line of optogenetics equipment that allows for in vivo optical stimulation for neuroscience research. We currently offer a large selection of optogenetics supplies, including implantable fiber optic cannulae with ceramic or stainless steel Ø1.25 or Ø2.5 mm ferrules, available both cleaved and scissor-cut. We offer lightweight multimode patch cables with an optional rotary joint. They have ferrule ends for mating to our cannulae using an interconnect or ceramic mating sleeve. A separate 1x1 rotary joint that accepts FC/PC multimode patch cables is also available. Cannula holders and implant guides provide additional stability and accuracy when implanting cannulae. Our optogenetics kits provide all the necessary components for an optogenetics experiment including LED, patch cable, cannulae, and accessories. Customers can add, remove, or replace parts in these kits to customize the purchase for their needs. We also offer couplers/splitters, a 1x2 rotary joint splitter, fiber-coupled LED light sources, and a 473 nm fiber-coupled laser.