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Imaging Systems

Thorlabs offers a wide selection of laser scanning, widefield imaging, and OCT imaging systems, including multiphoton microscopes, confocal microscopes, swept-source OCT systems, and spectral-radar OCT systems.

Bergamo® II Multiphoton Microscopes: These microscopes offer independent scan paths for fast functional imaging, 5-axis control over the imaging plane, and support for two- and three-photon imaging. They are well suited for applications ranging from imaging cells to studying physiological responses in awake and behaving animals.

Veneto® Inverted Microscopes: These microscopes support widefield, confocal, and multiphoton imaging. They are ideal for applications ranging from fixed tissue observation to in vivo imaging. We offer configurations as turnkey systems that also provide users access to internal optomechanics for DIY customization.

Cerna® Microscopy Platform: Designed for imaging requirements ranging from routine experiments to advanced optical system development, the Cerna microscopy platform makes it easy to customize a setup to the needs of the experiment. It offers a large working volume around the optical path and a broad selection of optical modules.