Isolators for OEM

  • Customizable Wavelength, Aperture, Power, Housing, Polarizers, and Operating Temperature
  • Customized Isolators at Close to Standard Version Prices
  • Wide Range of Application Services Available
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Optical Isolator in FiberBench Mount
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Custom Isolator Example
Custom Adjustable Narrowband Isolator with Different Input and Output Polarizers Optimized for 650 nm Wavelength and 40 °C Temperature.

OEM Application Services

  • Direct Integration to Laser Head Assemblies
  • Combination Isolator and Fiber Coupling Units
  • Minimum Footprint Packages
  • Filter Integration
  • Active Temperature Control and Monitoring
  • Feedback Monitoring
  • Environmental Qualification
  • Private Labeling
  • ITAR-Compliant Assembly

OEM and Non-Standard Isolators

In an effort to provide the best possible service to our customers, Thorlabs has made a commitment to ship our most popular free-space and fiber isolator models from stock. We currently offer same-day shipping on more than 90 isolator models. In addition to these stock models, non-stock isolators with differing aperture sizes, wavelength ranges, package sizes, and polarizers are available. In addition, we can create isolators tuned for specific operating temperatures and isolators that incorporate thermistors with heating or cooling elements for active temperature control and monitoring. These generally have the same price as a similar stock unit. If you would like a quote on a non-stock isolator, please fill out the form below and a member of our staff will be in contact with you.

Thorlabs has many years of experience working with OEM, government, and research customers, allowing us to tailor your isolator to specific design requirements. In addition to customizing our isolators (see the OEM Application Services list to the right), we also offer various application services.


Parameter Range
Wavelength Range From 365 - 4550 nma
Aperture Sizes  Up to Ø15 mm
Polarization Dependence Dependent or Independent
Max Powerb Up to 2 GW/cm²
Isolation Up to 60 dB (Tandem Units)
Operating Temperature 10 - 70 °C
  • Custom Faraday rotators, for use in the 365 to 5000 nm range, are also available.
  • The maximum power specification represents the maximum power for the combined forward and reverse directions. Therefore, the sum of the powers in the forward and reverse directions cannot exceed the maximum power specification.

Free-Space Isolators

We are able to provide a wide range of flexibility in manufacturing non-stock, free-space isolators. Almost any selection of specifications from our standard product line can be combined to suit a particular need. The table to the right shows the range of specifications that we can meet.

We offer isolators suitable for both narrowband and broadband applications. The size of the housing is very dependent on the desired maximum power and aperture size, so please include a note in the quote form below if you have special requirements.


Faraday Rotators

We offer Faraday rotators center wavelengths from 532 nm to 1550 nm. These are the same components used to make our isolators and rotate the polarization of incoming light by 45°. Please contact Tech Support if you require a Faraday rotator with a rotation angle or center wavelength outside of the aforementioned specifications.


Parameter Range
Wavelength Range From 633 - 2050 nma
Polarization Dependence Dependent or Independent
Max Powerb (Fiber to Free-Space) 30 W
Max Powerb (Fiber to Fiber) 20 W
Operating Temperature 10 - 70 °C
  • For wavelengths shorter than 633 nm, we recommend using our free-space isolators in conjunction with our modular FiberBench accessories. Please contact Technical Support for more information.
  • The maximum power specification represents the maximum power for the combined forward and reverse directions. Therefore, the sum of the powers in the forward and reverse directions cannot exceed the maximum power specification.

Fiber Isolators

Thorlabs is uniquely positioned to draw on experience in classical optics, fiber coupling, and isolators to provide flexible designs for a wide range of fiber optic specifications. Current design efforts are focused on increasing the Maximum power of our fiber isolators at and near the 1064 nm wavelength. We offer models with integrated ASE filters and taps. The table to the right highlights the range of specifications that we can meet.

The fiber used is often the limiting factor in determining the Maximum power the isolator can handle. We have experience working with single mode (SM) and polarization-maintaining fibers (PM); single-, double- and triple-clad fibers; and specialty fibers like 10-to-30 µm LMA fibers and PM LMA fibers. For more information about the fiber options available with our custom isolators, please see the expandable tables below.

In the spectral region below 633 nm, we recommend mounting one of our free-space isolators in a FiberBench system. A FiberBench system consists of pre-designed modules that make it easy to use free-space optical elements with a fiber optic system while maintaining excellent coupling efficiency. Upon request, we can provide select stock isolators in an optic mount with twin steel dowel pins for our FiberBench systems, as shown to the left.

We are also in the process of extending our fiber isolator capabilities down into the visible region. For more information, please contact Technical Support.

Custom Fiber Isolator

Custom Free-Space Isolator for Wavelengths Below 633 nm

Optical Isolator in FiberBench Mount
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Twin Steel Pins Insert into FiberBench
Optical Isolator in FiberBench Mount
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Mounted Isolator
Polarization Independent Fiber
Polarization Maintaining Fiber


Make to Order Options

The expandable tables below provide information on some common isolator and rotator specials we have manufactured in the past. We keep the majority of the components for these custom isolators in stock to ensure quick builds, so these specials are available with an average lead time of only 2-4 weeks.  Please use the Non-Stock Isolator Worksheet below for a quote.

Adjustable Narrowband Isolators
Faraday Rotators
Fixed Narrowband Isolators
Fixed Broadband Isolators


Custom Request Form

Request a custom isolator quote using the form below or by contacting us for more information at (973) 300-3000.

Non-Stock Isolator Worksheet:
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ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation) is a United States Government regulation controlling the import and export of defense-related articles on the United States Munitions List (USML). Information and material pertaining to military and defense related technology may only be shared with U.S. Persons unless authorization from the Department of State is received or a special exemption is used.
Free-Space Input
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Fiber Input
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Isolation (dB):
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Fiber Connector:   FC/PC   |     FC/APC   |     Other
Output:   Fiber   |     Free-Space

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Posted Comments:
satheesh k  (posted 2023-10-09 12:44:07.477)
I had mailed techsupport@thorlabs requesting details for custom isolators. Haven't heard from them yet. Is there an alternate contact id?
ksosnowski  (posted 2023-10-13 05:06:05.0)
Hello Satheesh, thanks for reaching out to us. We have received your request I have reached out directly to discuss this further and arrange a quote.
jens  (posted 2009-09-18 12:29:09.0)
A reply from Jens at Thorlabs: please let me reply in english to make the reply useful to as many users as possible. Below you asked for a solution to avoid a backreflection effect between your fiber and your laser. You mentioned that currently you are using an FC/PC connector, therefore I would highly recommend to switch over to FC/APC in the first step to reduce any backreflection signal. We can also offer a custom fiber isolator for your wavelength range of 633nm. In addition an antireflective coating on the fiber tip may also be an option. We will contact you directly to discuss which of the options is the best for your particular application.
s.griesing  (posted 2009-09-18 08:00:34.0)
Fiber-optical insulator Guten Tag, ich baue ein Faserinterferometer für 633nm Wellenlänge auf; die Laserleistung liegt um 5mW. In Vorversuchen konnte ich ein langperiodisches (ca. 0,2Hz) Signal erkennen, das von der (unerwünschten) Interferenz zwischen emittierenden und vom Ende der Einkopplel-Faser (FC/PC Anschluß) rückreflektierten Licht herrühren könnte. Von daher denke ich über einen entsprechenden Faserisolator nach- wie hoch wäre da der Preis? Vielen Dank. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Stefan Griesing
klee  (posted 2009-06-25 11:33:26.0)
A response from Ken at Thorlabs to hxzou: We can quote these but we will need more information. A sales representative from OFR will contact you directly.
hxzou  (posted 2009-06-25 08:32:11.0)
Dear, We need two Isolator at 532nm, tow isolator at 266nm and one isolator at 718nm. Can you make them? If you can, would you please send me a quotation? Hongxin