Cosine Correctors for SMA Connectorized Fibers

  • Diffuser Designed for SMA Connectorized Fibers
  • Collects Light from Approximately 180˚ to Minimize Effects
    of Sampling Geometry








Coupled to a
CCS Spectrometer

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CCSA1 Cosine Correction
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The cosine correction plot for each diffuser can be viewed by clicking on the info icons in the table below.
  • Small Diffuser Connects to SMA-Connectorized Fibers
  • Reduces the Sensitivity of Measurements to Sampling Geometry
  • Can be Used to Adapt our CCS Spectrometers for Free-Space Applications

Thorlabs' Cosine Correctors are diffusers designed to couple light into or out of SMA-connectorized fiber optics. The correctors feature a diffuser in a tightly toleranced anodized aluminum housing. The input side of the CCSA2 is equipped with SM05 (0.535"-40) threads, while that of the CCSA1 is smooth.

The diffuser in a cosine corrector allows light to be collected from up to a 180° angle with the diffuser surface. This minimizes issues caused by sampling geometry inherent to other devices such as bare fiber optics or collimating lenses. As such, these diffuser packages are ideal for use in spectral measurements or as irradiance probes. An image of each cosine corrector connected to a spectrometer can be viewed by clicking on the photos in the table below.

A plot showing the transmission spectrum of both diffusers is shown to the lower right. The curve is normalized to the maximum measured transmission through that sample. Please note that the transmission is highly wavelength-dependent when selecting a cosine corrector for your application.

The cosine correction plot and transmission spectrum for each cosine corrector can be viewed by clicking on the blue info buttons (info) in the table below.

Item # CCSA1 CCSA2
(Click Photo for Details) Cosine Corrector SMA Cosine Corrector SMA SM05 Thread
Cosine Correction and Transmission (Click for Details) info info
Diffuser Thickness 0.5 mm
Transmission @ 660 nma 0.2%
Clear Aperture Ø4 mm
Housing at Input Aperture Smooth Ø7.5 mm Externally SM05 (0.535"-40) Threaded
Output Port Accepts SMA Connectors
Suggested Mounting Adapters AD8F SM1A6TAD12T
  • Transmission was determined by comparing the integration time of the CCS200 spectrometer with and without the cosine corrector installed.
Diffuser Transmission
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The transmission of the diffuser material used in the cosine correctors. Each curve is normalized to the maximum measured transmission through that sample.

Posted Comments:
user  (posted 2020-08-06 05:47:16.343)
Is there a way to attach the cosine corrector directly at the input slit of the spectrometer?
MKiess  (posted 2020-08-07 05:32:41.0)
Hello, thank you for contacting Thorlabs. The input of the spectrometer has a SMA socket, as well as the cosine corrector. To connect the cosine corrector directly to the input of the spectrometer, you would therefore need an adapter, which makes this possible. Unfortunately, we do not have such an adapter as a standard product. However, we have the possibility to manufacture short fiber patch cables. Please contact our Technical Support and we would be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.
Ken_chin  (posted 2017-03-13 14:54:10.197)
What is the material of diffuser in the cosine corrector? Would you have cosine corrector with d>2cm active area ?
swick  (posted 2017-03-15 04:22:26.0)
This is a response from Sebastian at Thorlabs. Thank you for the inquiry. The material used in our cosine correctors is proprietary. I have contacted you directly to evaluate if we can offer a customized version with bigger diameter.
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CCSA1Cosine Corrector for SMA-Connectorized Fiber
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CCSA2Cosine Corrector for SMA-Connectorized Fiber, External SM05 Threads