Standalone Faraday Enclosure

  • Shielding from Electromagnetic/Electrostatic Interference
  • Shielding: 55 dB at 10 MHz
  • Table or Bench Mountable


Breadboard, Microscope
and Joystick Not Included

Typical Application

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  • Reduces Electromagnetic Interference from Common Laboratory Items
  • Compatible with Our 25 mm Construction Rails and Rail Accessories
  • Includes Two Port Holes in Rear Panel for Managing Cables

Experiments in electrophysiology, confocal microscopy, and other sensitive applications often need to be shielded from external interference from electrostatic fields and electromagnetic waves generated by AM/FM radio, CRT oscilloscopes, fluorescent lights, and other common lab equipment. Thorlabs' Standalone Faraday Enclosure consists of a taut copper mesh that protects against these external sources of interference.

Additionally, the adapters sold below allow the ScienceDesk Faraday enclosure to be used with our range of 25 mm construction rails and accessories.

Posted Comments:
Jose M Pardo  (posted 2020-08-26 06:12:52.597)
Can the FAR05F Faraday cage be supplied with a steel breadboard or bottom sheet?
cwright  (posted 2020-08-27 09:51:31.0)
Response from Charles at Thorlabs: Hello Jose and thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, at present, we would only be able to supply it with the standard aluminium base tray but we will consider your feedback for future product reviews. If you require a steel breadboard for use inside the enclosure, we would suggest one of our steel honeycomb breadboards - If a larger one is required to mount the entire enclosure then we could offer you a custom size, which can be requested through your local technical support team.
akuznetsov  (posted 2018-09-06 18:46:14.463)
From my experience with EMI and RFI, passing conductive cables using the cable port kit your have will feed EMI/RFI right into the box, making the box somewhat useless. All the cables coming into the box must be grounded and shielded to the box using a bulkhead, otherwise the cable port kit is like a hole in your enclosure and you stick an antenna half way into your box, of course it's going to pass EMI/RFI from the outside to whatever you wanted to shield.
AManickavasagam  (posted 2018-12-07 07:04:09.0)
Response from Arunthathi @ Thorlabs: Thanks for your feedback. We do understand that the ports are not ideal but the compromise was made to include them as almost all customers will need to pass cables into the cage. If required we can supply the cage without the ports.

Standalone Faraday Enclosure

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Magnets Hold Each Side Panel of the Enclosure in Place
  • Removable Magnetic Panels Allow for Easy Access to Setup
  • Includes Two Port Holes in Rear Panel for Managing Cables
  • Enclosure Design Tested by Independent Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Consultants

Faraday cages minimize the influence of external electromagnetic waves on objects placed within them. Waves that are significantly longer than the mesh spacing will be blocked. Our Standalone Faraday Enclosure features a taut mesh made of Ø0.25 mm copper wire with 1.4 mm spacing. For easy access to the enclosure's interior, each of the four side panels are held in place by magnets and can be quickly removed, as shown in the photo to the right. The base plate of the Faraday enclosure includes an M3-tapped hole for attaching a user-supplied strap to ground the enclosure.

For simplified cable management, this enclosure comes with two port holes in the rear panel, each with a clearance of Ø1.75" (Ø44.4 mm). Additional port holes can be added using the PSY405 Cable Port Kit (sold below). To help further organize your workspace, our Faraday enclosure is compatible with our 25 mm construction rails via the PSY404 Rail System Adapter Kit (sold below).

Item #Shielding Effectiveness @ 10 MHzOuter Dimensions, Including Handles
(L x W x H)
Inner Dimensions
(L x W x H)
Port Hole Clearance
FAR05F 55 dB 886 mm x 1036 mm x 984 mm
(34.8" x 40.7" x 38.7")
744 mm x 894 mm x 894 mm
(29.3" x 35.2" x 35.2")
Ø1.75" (Ø44.4 mm) 
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FAR05F Support Documentation
FAR05FFreestanding Faraday Enclosure

Cable Port Kit

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PSY405 Cable Port Fitted to Faraday Enclosure

While our Faraday enclosure offers two cable ports on its rear panel, additional ports can be added to any Faraday enclosure panel using our PSY405 Cable Port Kit. Each cable port kit enables the creation of one additional port with a clearance of Ø1.75" (Ø44.4 mm).

To install a new port, place one plate on either side of the enclosure's copper mesh and bolt them together. Then use a sharp blade or scalpel to cut away the mesh from the center aperture. Finally, fit the included protective rubber ring to the hole. A manual with detailed instructions is included with each cable port kit. 

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PSY405 Support Documentation
PSY405Faraday Cage Cable Port Kit

25 mm Rail System Adapter Plate Kit

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Steps to Secure a 25 mm Rail System Inside a Faraday Enclosure

The PSY404 Adapter Plate Kit allows our range of 25 mm construction rails and accessories to be attached to the inside edge of the Faraday enclosure frame, as shown in the photo to the right. This allows custom enclosure and shelving systems to be constructed. A common application of this adapter is to construct a custom mounting structure within the Faraday enclosure that does not disturb the vibration-isolated experiment.

The adapter plate kit includes two adapter plates, two countersunk 1/4"-20 screws, and two countersunk M6 screws. Each kit allows the user to attach two 25 mm construction rails to the Faraday enclosure frame or to attach one 25 mm construction rail at both ends. The inclusion of imperial and metric screws permits both imperial and metric rail systems to be constructed.

For details on how to install the rails, please see the image to the right. In Figure 1, a countersunk 1/4"-20 screw from the kit is used to attach the adapter plate to one end of a 25 mm rail. Figure 2 shows two XE25T3 Low-Profile T-Nuts (our XE25T1 Drop-In T-Nuts can also be used) slipped into the frame. In Figure 3, the T-nuts allow the adapter plate to be attached to the rail using two user-supplied 1/4"-20, 3/8" long or M6 x 1.0, 10 mm long screws. One example of a possible final arrangement is shown in Figure 4.

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PSY404 Support Documentation
PSY404Faraday Enclosure Adapter Plate Kit for 25 mm Construction Rails