Flanged Benchtop Enclosure

  • Stocked Enclosures for Custom Electronics
  • Simple, Three-Piece, Flanged Design
  • Mounting Adapters for Stacking Multiple Enclosures
  • 150.0 mm x 106.7 mm x 48.5 mm (Including Flanges)

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Flanged Benchtop Enclosure


Mounting Adapters for Stacking Enclosures

One EC1U Enclosure Shown Stacked on Top of Another Using EC1UA Adapters

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EC1U Enclosure Disassembled
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EC1U Enclosure Shown Disassembled


  • Red Aluminum Housings
  • Easy Assembly and Disassembly
  • Enclosures are Stackable with EC1UA Adapters

The EC1U enclosure design has been optimized for simple assembly, disassembly, and integration. The enclosure consists of three pieces: a bottom/front piece with four interior M3 blind standoffs and an M4 grounding screw, a flanged top with cutouts for mounting to an imperial or metric breadboard or optical table, and a bezel that secures both pieces together using two screws. The front and rear panels of the enclosure are blank; input and output ports can be added by the user depending on the application.

Enclosures can be easily stacked on top of one another using the EC1UA mounting adapters, sold below. Alternatively, the ends of Ø1/2" or Ø12.7 mm optical posts can be used to secure the enclosure flanges by positioning the post screws in the flange slots. This clamps each flange between either the optical table and the bottom of a post, or between the endface of two posts.

Thorlabs offers the capability to make custom enclosures using laser cutting, riveting, UV printing, and more. Contact Tech Support for more information on building a custom flanged benchtop enclosure.

For larger housings that are sold with compatible mounting boards and an array of other accessories, see our fully aluminum benchtop enclosures. For housings that hold smaller, custom electronic circuits, such as electrical filters, voltage dividers, or impedance matchers, see our compact customizable electronics housings. For housings designed to be mounted in 19" equipment racks, see our 19" rack enclosures for electronics.

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Blank Flanged Benchtop Enclosure

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Bottom View of Enclosure

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EC1U Mounted to Table
  • Empty Housings for Electronic Assemblies
  • Simplified Benchtop Design

The EC1U benchtop enclosure is designed for ease of assembly, modification, and installation. The empty enclosure is sold with with blank front and rear panels. The external dimensions of the enclosure are 139.0 mm x 106.7 mm x 46.5 mm, excluding the flanges and feet. The maximum internal dimensions are 133.0 mm x 102.6 mm x 42.5 mm; this does not account for assembly features such as interlocking tabs or standoffs. Detailed dimensions of the enclosure are available by clicking on the red Docs icons () below.

Two M3 screws, one on each side, secure the front bezel, which locks the inside and outside pieces together. Two extra screws are provided, as well as a 2 mm hex key for convenience. To open the enclosure, loosen the two screws with a 2 mm (5/64") hex key and then pull the bezel upwards. This frees the bottom piece to be pulled away from the top of the housing, allowing the entire housing to be separated.

Four padded feet are included to provide support when the enclosure is sitting flat on a table. Additionally, the enclosure can be mounted to imperial or metric optical tables using the cutouts in the flanges. See the images to the right.

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EC1U Support Documentation
EC1UFlanged Enclosure for Customizable Electronics, 150.0 mm x 106.7 mm x 48.5 mm
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Mounting Adapter for Stacking Flanged Enclosures

  • Secure Multiple Flanged Enclosures to Each Other
  • Simplified Benchtop Design

The EC1UA Mounting Adapters enable EC1U enclosures to be secured when mounted on top of each other. Slide the arms onto the front slots in the flanges of the top enclosure, then tighten the captive screw into the bottom enclosure's M3 threaded hole, as shown in the family image at the top of the page. This procedure can be repeated to stack any number of EC1U units.

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EC1UA Support Documentation
EC1UAMounting Adapters for Stacking Flanged Benchtop Enclosures, 2 Pack